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Root Canal Treatment

When there is serious damage or infection of a tooth and its nerves, a root canal may be required. This is often the best course of action to preserve the tooth as well as to restore the function and relieve pain. Sai Dental Care specializes in root canal treatments.

A root canal treatment may be needed in the following cases:

  • The tooth pulp has been affected by decay
  • Infection or abscess inside the tooth or at its root
  • Tooth injury

When these conditions begin to cause serious pain, sensitivity to hot and cold drinks and foods, swelling or tenderness of the gum, and even “pimples” on the gums, you may receive the news from your dentists that a root canal is needed.

Prior to the root canal treatment, you will receive a comprehensive exam and typically an X-ray to determine what is going on with the affected tooth or teeth. The goal of the examination is to ascertain the location of the inflammation as well as how far it has spread. During the procedure, local anesthesia is used to keep the patient comfortable and reduce pain. Your Sai Dental Care dentist will then make an opening at the top of the tooth and then remove decayed pulp, nerves and bacteria. The next step is to seal the tooth with a temporary filling, and later, a permanent crown (cap).

Root canal treatment can provide swift relief to patients. The tooth is restored to regular function, and the smile is preserved. Also, importantly, the infection is prevented from spreading.

The skilled dental team at Sai Dental Care is well-versed and knowledgeable in all kinds of dental care including root canals. Don’t suffer from tooth pain one day longer than you need to, reach out to our offices in Santa Rosa at (707) 244-9904 or in Sonoma at (707) 273-6323 to schedule your appointment.

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"Always very pleasant when I have my appointments. Even when listening to other patients the staff a doctor are always professional and kind. I’m very picky about someone putting sharp objects in my mouth. I trust them completely. It is almost like a day at the spa with them. Thank you to all the staff and doctors."

Scott R. Scott R.

"Amazing state of the art practices, Dr Sharma and Dr Vinay are so patient since I am a nervous patient and do not like going to the dentist. The front office staff were so nice and helped me figure out my dental insurance. I loved how they serve you coffee and cookies as soon as you walk in, they also offered me a warm blanket and a lavender face wipe before i left to refresh my face. I have always left the practice extremely happy with the service, they make me feel special. Thank you Sai Dental"

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"Best dentist , and amazing staff! I always feel very comfortable and relaxed when I come here. I've had my wisdom tooth removed by Dr. Vinay , he removed it without me being in any pain whatsoever during the procedure, he was also done very quickly!"

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