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Mouth Guards

Mouth guards and night guards are an excellent way to protect your teeth and delicate mouth tissue for both children and adults who play sports or suffer from grinding at night while sleeping. Sai Dental Care specializes in fitting mouth guards of all kinds for its patients, both young and old. Our team will work closely with you to understand your lifestyle and recommend the perfect mouth guard to meet your needs.

Mouth guards for children - Mouth guards are a perfect way to protect the mouths of your young family members when they engage in activities that could cause damage. In fact, The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) advocates the use of dental mouth guards for kids during any sporting or recreational activity.

Mouth guards are commonly used in sports like football, baseball, wrestling and more. They can protect the mouth from injuries, such as:

  • Cheek lesions
  • Concussions
  • Gum and soft tissue injuries
  • Jawbone fractures
  • Lip lesions
  • Neck injuries
  • Tongue lesions
  • Tooth fractures

Mouth guards for adults - Mouth guards are not just for kids who participate in sports, many adults utilize them to protect their smiles as well. If you’re an adult staying active, that’s a great thing for your overall health and wellbeing, but be sure to protect that smile. Mouth guards are used to protect the teeth and mouth tissues during all kinds of activities from skiing to horseback riding to football and hockey.

Mouth guards for teeth grinding - Grinding at night can cause serious damage to the teeth and negatively affect your overall oral health permanently. One of the best ways to defend against the damage night grinding can cause is through the use of mouth guards. These mouth guards can be custom-fit and comfortable to use and are perfect for both adults and children who grind or clench their teeth while sleeping.

Contact Sai Dental Care today to discuss your options for a custom mouth guard to protect you and your young one’s precious smile. We’re conveniently located in either Santa Rosa at (707) 244-9904 and in Sonoma at (707) 273-6323.

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"Always very pleasant when I have my appointments. Even when listening to other patients the staff a doctor are always professional and kind. I’m very picky about someone putting sharp objects in my mouth. I trust them completely. It is almost like a day at the spa with them. Thank you to all the staff and doctors."

Scott R. Scott R.

"Amazing state of the art practices, Dr Sharma and Dr Vinay are so patient since I am a nervous patient and do not like going to the dentist. The front office staff were so nice and helped me figure out my dental insurance. I loved how they serve you coffee and cookies as soon as you walk in, they also offered me a warm blanket and a lavender face wipe before i left to refresh my face. I have always left the practice extremely happy with the service, they make me feel special. Thank you Sai Dental"

Mehdi N. Mehdi N.

"Best dentist , and amazing staff! I always feel very comfortable and relaxed when I come here. I've had my wisdom tooth removed by Dr. Vinay , he removed it without me being in any pain whatsoever during the procedure, he was also done very quickly!"

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