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Occlusal Guards and TMD Therapy – Santa Rosa – Sai Dental Care 

Mouth guards are essential in protecting teeth. There are specific guards made to combat issues such as bruxism, temporal mandibular joint dysfunction (TMD), and sleep apnea. At Sai Dental Care, Dr. Sharma and Dr. Madavan assess these issues and fabricate occlusal guards as an effective treatment treatment method.

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TMJ Dysfunction TreatmentTMJ bite analysis at Sai Dental Care in Santa Rosa

TMD can be identified by severe pain and dysfunction of the muscle that facilitates movement and function of your jaw. There are factors, such as stress or unbalanced bite that can result in the development of TMD. Our Santa Rosa dentists take the time to assess your oral health, bite alignment, and understand the reasons for your pain before recommending care. Other symptoms of TMD include:

- Teeth grinding (during the day and at night)
- Clicking and popping sounds when moving the jaw
- Jaw pain when waking up
- Difficulty opening your mouth
- Ringing in the ears

At Sai Dental Care, we provide TMD patients with guards to wear at night. Fabricated for both the upper and lower arches of teeth, these appliances prevent damaged to teeth when grinding and clenching persists. These guards also help in relaxing the muscles, allowing the joint to rest, and preventing pain in the morning.  

Our custom night guards are made of a soft plastic material and are less bulky than over-the-counter guards, for a more comfortable fit. We take molds of your teeth and submit these impressions to create the guards at a local lab. We invite you back to our Santa Rosa practice when fabrication is complete to have your occlusal guard adjusted for a precise fit. 

Other Uses for Mouth GuardsTMD treatment in Sai Dental Care of Santa Rosa

Mouth guards can be used for patients who play contact sports such as football, basketball, soccer, and volleyball. These appliances can also assist in sleep apnea treatments, as bite and jaw contribute to sleep disordered breathing. These guards are worn at night and push the jaw forward, relaxing muscles that contribute to snoring. Like guards used in TMD therapy, these oral appliances are custom fitted. 

Diagnosing your Occlusal Disorder

Dr. Vinay and Dr. Madavan provide bite analysis and a full examination of your smile. TMD and sleep apnea have similar factors that contribute to their progression. Our dentists perform a full bite check and can refer you to specialists for further study of your sleep apnea. We take the time to answer patient questions about these concerns, provide information on how to combat them at home, and offered treatment methods to create better overall comfort. 

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At Sai Dental Care, we provide mouth guards and sleep apnea appliances in Santa Rosa. For more information about sleep apnea and TMD, and how we treat these issues with occlusal guards, contact us today to schedule a consultation.  



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