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Periodontal Therapy – Sai Dental – Santa Rosa 

Gum disease effects over half of adults in America, and many find themselves in later stages of the disease needing extensive treatments. At Sai Dental in Santa Rosa, Drs. Vinay and Sharma provides non-surgical, comfortable periodontal disease treatments to restore the health of your gums. 

Do You Have Gum Disease?periodontal treatments in Santa Rosa

Gum disease is categorized by two major stages: gingivitis and periodontitis. Our Santa Rosa dentists focus on diagnosing these various stages, treatment planning, and applying restorations if needed. Beginning with a thorough examination of your smile, we evaluate if there are any soft tissue problems present. Symptoms include:

- Red, puffy gums
- Bleeding Gums 
- Bad Breath
- Gum Tissue Recession 

These main signs and symptoms are common to mild and moderate gum disease. By contrast, advanced periodontitis is categorized by the deep recession of the gum line, which can cause bone loss loosened and shifting teeth, and eventually teeth loss. 

Periodontal Disease Treatments in Santa Rosa 

Treatment options for mild to moderate gum disease are focused on repairing and preventing further damage to your gum health. During an examination of your smile at Sai Dental, periodontal disease is checked by examining pocket space; patients with deep pockets may need treatment as they accumulate more plaque and bacteria. Drs. Vinay and Sharma recommend these treatment options if signs of gum disease are present: 

Deep Cleanings
Also known as root scaling and planing, our Santa Rosa dentists remove plaque buildup in periodontal pockets, or the spaces between the teeth and tissue where bacteria accumulates. Once all the plaque and tartar are removed, or scaled, the dentists will start the planing process in which they smooth out the surface of the tooth’s root to prevent any further buildup. This treatment specifically targets deepened pockets and areas below the gum line to reduce the accumulation of bacteria, thereby halting the progression of gum disease. 

To reduce the amount of bacteria that is responsible for gum disease and improve your other gum disease treatments, antibiotics are recommended. In whatever form, antibiotics assist in continuing the process of treatment outside of the dental office.

Periodontal Maintenance 
After initial treatment of gum disease, it is important to implement a routine dental care regimen to prevent the return of the condition. Our maintenance program for periodontal disease can be from six weeks to three months after initial treatment. This included returning to Sai Dental for frequent cleanings to protect your gums from re-infection. 

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Dr. Sharma, Dr. Vinay, and the rest of the staff at our Santa Rose dental practice are focused on your on-going oral health and provide gum disease treatments with your comfort in mind. For more information about our periodontal disease therapy, or to schedule an appointment, contact Sai Dental today! 


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