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Missing teeth can diminish your confidence in your smile. At Sai Dental, we offer dental implant solutions for patients missing single, multiple, and even full arches of teeth. Our Santa Rosa dentist and staff are highly experienced and provide the latest in implant dentistry and custom cosmetic restorations, leaving you with a brand new implant

Dental Implants in Santa Rosa

Dental implants are made out of a biocompatible titanium post that replicates the missing tooth’s root. Topped with an abutment that secures a restoration, such as a crown, bridge, or denture, the visual part of the tooth is replaced and attached to the implant post. These three intricate parts make up a dental implant and replaces the tooth that has been lost.

At Sai Dental, we can place and restore all dental implants in one office, eliminating the need to visit outside specialists.

Types of Dental Implants

There are various types of dental implants, which are recommended based on the number teeth that are missing. At our Santa Rosa practice, we offer the following dental implant solutions.

Single – Patients who are missing only one tooth can find dental implants to be a more health-conscious replacement than a traditional bridge, which requires altering otherwise healthy teeth to support the bridge. Topped with a porcelain crown that is matched to your shade specifications, dental implants provide patients a new tooth that blends in naturally with your smile.

Multiple – For multiple missing teeth, more than one dental implant can be used to support a porcelain bridge without altering neighboring teeth. The number of implants used is dependent on our Santa Rosa dentist and your needs. Implant supported bridges are a great way in replacing missing molars and help maintain an even bite.

Full Arch – As teeth roots support the bones and gum tissue, missing teeth without a proactive treatment can leave patients at risk of bone deterioration. An implant supported denture can not only support and strengthen the jaw bone, but also return the functionality and look of your smile. Stabilizing a denture with dental implants results in improved speech and dental function restoring patients’ self-confidence. 

Dental Implant Placement

Our Santa Rosa dentists are highly experienced in placing dental implants. During initial consultation, our implant dentists will determine your specific needs and identify which type of dental implant with best suit your tooth replacement needs. Using digital x-rays, our team will also determine the health of underlying bone tissue and determine if you need additional treatment options such as bone grafting prior to implant placement. Once complete, schedule you for your placement appointment. 

Our Santa Rosa dental team will monitor your recovery after the placement procedure to ensure the implant is fully integrated into the jaw bone before placing the final restoration 

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Replace your missing teeth with the innovative treatment option of dental implants. Contact our Santa Rosa dentist at Sai Dental today for more information about this permanent tooth replacement option. Schedule a consultation today!



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